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Dina Powell Looking To Return To Goldman Sachs Because No F@cking Duh

If this news shocks you, don't talk to us ever again.

Hey, remember when we said a few months ago that Dina Powell would return to Goldman Sachs in late winter or early spring?


Well, to be totally honest neither do we (the self-abuse takes a toll), but we apparently definitely did. When rumors of what Dina would do after she left the White House started to break, we wrote these actual words:

And unlike the rest of the rogues gallery that joined up with this idiot carnival of a presidency, Dina Powell is an easy person to reincorporate into your organization. She’s flown low enough under the radar to not be infamous while still being privy to some high-level discussions in the West Wing. Lloyd and Co. can bring her back late winter or early spring when yet another Trump crisis dominates the news cycle. Dina Powell is, somehow, still an asset.

The Rob Porter scandal is still not done reshaping the West Wing, Gary Cohn is apparently still in contention for the Chief-of-Staff sentence gig, people are only vaguely able to remember that Dina worked for this administration, and as if on cue, this from WSJ:

Dina Powell, who until recently served as a top national-security adviser in the White House, is talking to Goldman Sachs Group Inc. about returning to the firm, according to people familiar with the matter.
Ms. Powell spent a decade at Goldman before joining the Trump administration last year, and in recent weeks has discussed coming back, the people said. She is unlikely to resume her old job running Goldman’s philanthropic arm and its community-development investing business, but rather is discussing a broader global role at the firm, the people said. Talks are ongoing, though, and may not result in an agreement.

Charlie Gasparino had some inkling a few months back that Dina was testing the waters, but we would argue that waters were being kept warm from the day she left. Goldman had no insight into this administration (Bannon and Mnuchin are, once again, shitty Goldmanites) and Gary taking a senior role in the West Wing complicated any attempt at building a backchannel into Trump's oval. Gary was just too high profile and things were just so irreparable between him and Lloyd's new power clique. Goldman needed a real agent inside this chaotic presidency and Dina was - as our POTUS likes to say - "out of central casting."

So it should shock no one that Dina is headed back to 200 West Street with a likely promotion. She is an impressive executive who just saw shit that most people will never believe and could provide instant diversity to Goldman's leadership should she be given a key role...

Egyptian-born and fluent in Arabic, Ms. Powell is discussing a position that would apply her foreign-policy experience to Goldman’s operations and global client relationships, including sovereign-wealth funds and multinational companies, the people said. Executives have discussed giving Ms. Powell a seat on its powerful management committee, a collection of about 30 executives from different parts of the firm, some of the people said.

It's all there. The revolving door might not be a popular conveyance, but it was created for Dina Powell.

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