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Guy Who Literally Told You To Sell Days Ahead Of The Meltdown Says Don’t BTFD

You’ve gotta hand it to BofAML’s Michael Hartnett.



Feds Making A Literal Federal Case Out Of Uber's Behavior

Someone explained Uber to Jeff Sessions and now even he's pissed.

Two Guys Who Don't Have a Say Anymore Say Bond Buying Will Continue Until It Doesn't

It's been a busy day for Federal Reserve presidents: Three of the 12 have made pronouncements today. This morning (really, really early this morning, since he was in Hong Kong), we heard from Chicago's Chuck Evans. Now, we hear from two others, San Francisco's John Williams and Atlanta's Dennis Lockhart, who've just finished their turns on the FOMC, on matters QE.

David Bonderman's Just A Guy That Can't Say "Nyet"

The head of TPG Capital is going to Vladimir Putin's business conference, which is not a popular decision.