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Ray Dalio Betting Barolo Stocks About To Turn To Vinegar

Bridgewater’s dolce vita might be paved with Italian misery.
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Italy is having an election next month. This is not a prospect that brings joy to Ray Dalio’s heart. You see, elections in Europe—including Italy—have had a way of goingwrongrecently, and the Italian poll is no different: It’s expected to bring gridlock and division to an already famously glacial and divided country, and Ray Dalio can tell you from increasingly weary experience that that is no way to govern a nation, least of all one still in the midst of a financial crisis with a banking industry that makes Spain’s look stable.

On the other hand, this impending electoral disaster does have its bright sides.

The world’s largest hedge-fund firm tripled its bearish wagers against Italian companies in the last three months, mainly focused on the financial sector, data compiled by Bloomberg show….

Bridgewater has boosted its bearish bets against Italian companies to $3 billion and 18 firms, up from $1.1 billion of shorts in October. The investment firm’s positions against European companies as a whole total $3.3 billion and 20 names, the data show.

Bridgewater Triples Bets Against Italian Firms to $3 Billion [Bloomberg]


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