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What Was Your Favorite Moment Of This Week's 20,000 Point Journey Of The Dow?

Fun with volatility!

Well wasn't this just the funnest week, you guys?

All that excitement, all that drama, all that's a wonder that Jim Cramer didn't stroke out on camera. And while we didn't get the perverse pleasure of watching Gary Cohn trotted like a hostage onto the White House lawn and forced to jawbone a wild market that he knows he cannot control, we at least get to walk away feeling pretty confident that Jeff Gundlach probably Googled "VIX" on Pornhub at least once since Monday.

But who cares about those people. How was this week for you, donkey clown dear reader?

What part of this insane week that apparently saw the Dow Jones Industrial Average travel 20K points was your favorite? Did the flashbacks to 2008 fill you with dread (like Steve Mnuchin), confusion (like Steve Mnuchin), panic (like Steve Mnuchin) or a sick excitement (like Louise Linton)? Did "The Machines" make you angry or jealous? Or did you just say "The Machines" over and over because what the fuck else were you going to say when none of this made a lick of sense?

Show us on the chart where this week made you feel the most alive. Because sharing is caring and we all need to be loved.

Except for Tom Brady. That guy really blew it.

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 4.10.04 PM

Enjoy your weekends.

And also, COYS.


By Luis Villa del Campo from Madrid, Spain (Times Square - NASDAQ) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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