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With The Dow Down 500 Points, Here’s How Sure Everyone Was…

"Vol of vol Eat my balls Jingle all the way"


Bernie Sanders Not Sure That Steve Schwarzman Understands How The Stock Market Works

We're starting to think that Bernie might not be a Blackstone investor.

(Getty Images)

Neel Kaskhari Isn’t ‘Sitting Here Trying To Engineer’ Dow 86,000, Ok?

Why would the Bon Iver of Fed members do a think like that?


SEC Apparently Investigating How Anyone Thought The Snap IPO Was A Good Idea

Investors are asking regulators to look into why no one told them about Facebook being a thing.


S&P 500 Finds Convenient Excuse To Not Let Snap Hang Out On S&P 500

"Corporate Governance" = You're a goddamned mess and we already have Facebook.