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WSJ Editor Does "The Backwards Matt Levine," Joins Lazard As An MD

A conflicted congratulations to Dennis Berman.

Dennis Berman has been a star reporter and editor at The Wall Street Journal for many moons, so we were somewhat disappointed to see this news today:

DennisBerman Lazard

Lazard Ltd. announced today that Dennis K. Berman, Financial Editor of The Wall Street Journal, will join the firm as a Managing Director in Financial Advisory, effective February 26.
Based in New York, Mr. Berman will join Lazard's growing Shareholder Advisory practice, which serves corporate leaders and boards of directors with insights on shareholders, helping clients prepare for and create defenses against activists or unsolicited takeover attempts, and build shareholder support for strategic transactions.

Losing Berman as a journalist is a bummer -and we of course feel covetous rage at watching a fellow wretch get that cheddar- but what stings the hardest is that we hate seeing anyone to "The Backwards Matt Levine." And considering that snarky niche financial blogs were once capable of poaching from Goldman Sachs, it feels like the exchange rate has gone truly upside-down when a bona fide award-winning WSJ editor ends up at, well, Lazard.

But, yeah, congrats to all!


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