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Amazingly Enough, Larry Kudlow Might Not Be The Worst Candidate To Replace Gary Cohn

Big shout out to all you knee-jerk "Government Sachs" haters.

We always knew that we would miss Gary when he was inevitably gone, but this is going to be ridiculous...


Four rumored contenders for the position are: Kevin Warsh, former Fed governor and economic official for President George W. Bush; Shahira Knight, Deputy Assistant to the President for Economic Policy, Cohn's top tax official; Peter Navarro, White House trade adviser, who argued for tariffs; and Larry Kudlow, CNBC senior contributor and conservative commentator, who shares Cohn's views on trade.

That's quite the short bench.

Warsh is a known quantity and real economist who also offers a quadrupling down on market fears of a hawkish Fed running amok. Shahira Knight is unknown enough to keep Wall Street nervous (but you've got to like anyone that's comfortable telling Mnuchin to his face he has no idea what he's doing). Then there's Pete Navarro, who is a noted maniac and widely-mocked fringe economist that would cause an exodus of NEC staff should he be hired as director. And Larry Kudlow is Larry Kudlow, a Gordon Gekko 80s throwback TV character who fetishizes Wall Street's ability to do what it wants almost as hard as he hates the mere idea of paying taxes. Larry is at this point best known for being a CNBC character, riffing alongside Joe Kernen like the Statler and Waldorf of clownish financial conservatism and making Carl Quintanilla smirk when he does his solo Wall Street muppet routine.

And yet, you look at that list and Larry is maybe the second best option. Knight would be first since she at least worked for Gary and would likely stay to the course he set. But insofar as she is a woman with no modeling experience and actual government economic experience, she seems like a poor fit for this White House.

Holy shit, you guys, it's gonna be Larry Kudlow...and we're almost okay with that.

We feel so dirty.

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