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It Takes Poor Lloyd Blankfein Almost Two Full Days To Make What The Median Goldman Sachs Employees Makes In A Year

The Lloydster is ALSO getting shafted.

That sound you hear is Jamie Dimon and Mike Corbat giggling like a pair of mean salty bitches.


Lloyd Blankfein made 163 times the median Goldman Sachs employee last year — putting him at the low end of relative pay for Wall Street CEOs thanks to the lack of tellers at the investment banking behemoth.

Lame Duck Lloyd takes almost two full days to pull down what his non-existent "median employee" makes in a year while guys like Jamie and Corbat only have to do about half that. Even Tim fucking Sloan does better!

But instead of feeling too bad for Lloyd, let's remember that this metric is total fucking Dodd-Frankian horseshit. Lloyd's median employees do even better than the imaginary assistant branch manager that we thought up for Jamie Dimon's useless proxy example because Lloyd doesn't even have assistant branch managers.

If we're going to continue having a shouting "conversation" about executive compensation on Wall Street, we need to do away with this insanely useless ratio. You wanna be pissed that Lloyd Blankfein made $22 million last year alone? Fine, go ahead, but don't couch it some asinine argument that a second-year M&A analyst only made $134K.

Of course he did and you look like an idiot.

Enjoy your weekends.

Lloyd Blankfein’s pay looks reasonable next to Jamie Dimon’s [NYPost]


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