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Jim Cramer Says Larry Kudlow Is Getting Gary Cohn's Old Job And We're Like "???"

As The World Turns...Dumber.
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Just five days ago (or, if you take into account that everyday Trump is President seems like 2 years, "just" a decade ago), we suggested that "amazingly enough, Larry Kudlow might not be the worst candidate to replace Gary Cohn."


After all, one of the alternatives is Peter Navarro, a possibly unhinged China hawk who enjoys producing economic agitprop in his spare time and whose recent ascendancy in the Trump White House seems to have translated directly into the imposition of steel and aluminum tariffs that left the world aghast and underscored the notion that this administration doesn't differentiate between allies and foes when it comes to implementing the President's nebulous "America first" agenda.

So you know, "anyone but Peter."

When it comes to trade, Kudlow has been a sharp critic of the tariffs, which seems to suggest it wouldn't be a terrible idea to install him in the square-shouldered void left by Gary Cohn (who this morning learned that the top job at Goldman he coveted will in all likelihood be bequeathed to "DJ D. Sol").

And although the "correct" answer to a Sophie's choice is always just "no", we don't get a say in this, so I suppose it's "good" (?) news that according to Jim Cramer, Larry is well on his way to leading Trump’s National Economic Council.

Of course the downside to this is that it represents a further descent into the absurd. We're talking about subbing in an 80s relic, complete with suspenders, french cuffs and a contrasting white collar - Trump might as well just go to eBay, look up "Gordon Gekko doll, original, in box" and plop it down in a chair with a pack of Merit Ultra Lights in front of it.

Larry would tell Trump what he wants to hear on taxes which would be good for the President's ego, but let's be honest, aren't we just setting Larry up to fail here? You can't expect someone who has openly criticized Trump (let alone someone who has criticized him lately) to succeed in an environment where being a shameless sycophant is a job requirement. Plus, Peter Navarro will be out for his head immediately.

Larry did advise Trump during the campaign and he's got a Reagan connection, which Trump could point to as "evidence" of his imagined spiritual connection to The Gipper.

Ultimately, this might go ok for a while. Right up until Larry says the wrong thing about protectionism when Trump's already irritated at something completely unrelated, at which point Larry would become just the latest casualty of the Trumpian black hole from which no one has yet emerged unscathed once they've been sucked in.

Anyway, the punchline in all of this is the bolded passage in the headline below:

Larry Kudlow is the front-runner to lead President Trump’s National Economic Council, CNBC’s Jim Cramer reports, without saying where he obtained the information.

Hmmm. Now how do you imagine Jim might have come across that "information"?



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