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Mick Mulvaney Probably Thought He Had Nothing To Lose Reputation Wise - Enter Donald Trump

Oops. Egg on your face Mick. And really, it's an entire fucking omelette...
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It's been a rough day for White House budget director (and man who is now just as confused as the rest of us) Mick Mulvaney.

Mick is another one of those people who, like Jeff Sessions, we're all inclined to despise but who I almost (and I emphasize almost) feel sorry for.

Mick's done a lot of reprehensible things in his day (most recently, dicking over 9/11 survivors and first responders), but there's something tragic about watching a man who has worked so hard to be an asshole and been so scrupulous in his efforts to craft a reputation for nefariousness, succumb to the moronic machinations of a failed mail order steak salesman.

I mean Mick definitely isn't the type of bad guy you root for in the movies and there's definitely something satisfying about watching Mr. Deficit Hawk have to explain the President's reckless fiscal policies, but Trump is a cancer. And no matter how much you hate someone, you don't generally "want" to see them get cancer. It's like how everyone kind of begrudgingly cheered Attorney General (and racist lawn gnome) Jeff Sessions when he finally made a half-hearted stand against Trump's increasingly autocratic tendencies earlier this month (then Sessions fired Andrew McCabe and we were all reminded why we hate him so much, but that's another story).

If you were already inclined to hating Mulvaney (and pretty much everyone was), you undoubtedly hate him even more now than you did 14 months ago. His tenure in the Trump administration has been defined by cringe-worthy soundbites and more recently by the effort to gut the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Just today, Reuters reported that Mick is planning on dropping lawsuits against predatory lenders.

But again, there's something painful about watching a grown man cry irrespective of how badly you hate that grown man and watching Mick being forced to explain how Trump's military parade is any semblance of consistent with fiscal rectitude was about as close to watching a grown man cry as you can get without actual tears. Recall this screengrab of the moment when Mick gave up:


Well on Friday, Mick found himself trending on Twitter and while I'm not sure there's ever been a time when Mick was trending for a "good" reason, Friday was especially embarrassing.

Just when everyone thought Congress had avoided another government shutdown, Trump (seemingly out of the clear blue sky), tweeted this:

Pretty much immediately, people started posting videos of Mick "cutting right to the chase" on Thursday:

Oops. Egg on your face Mick.

And really, it's an entire fucking omelette, because a lot of the press conference was spent trying to explain the whole discrepancy between what Mick used to stand for and what he's being forced to say by a certain "very stable genius". Take this exceptionally painful exchange for example:

Not only did Mick try his best to defend something he clearly doesn't like, that effort was for for nought because less than 24 hours later, Trump pissed all over it.

On the bright side for Mick, Trump's (probably vacuous) veto threat does give those who are opposed to increased spending some ammunition, but the "tragic" irony for Mulvaney is that if he were to jump on that train he'd be summarily kicked off the "Trump train."

So I don't know what we're supposed to think. What I do know is that Mick is yet another example of someone who probably thought that by virtue of not caring much for public opinion, he'd be able to endure the ridicule that would invariably go along with working for Trump.

What Mick (and Bannon and Priebus and [fill in the blank]) seemingly didn't factor in was the possibility that Trump would be actively undermining them on a daily and sometimes hourly basis.



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