Prospective Post-Trump Cabinet Secretaries Weighing In On Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg is not gonna wanna hear this.

Marc Lasry didn’t get to be U.S. ambassador to France on account of his little illegal gambling habit. But the Avenue Capital Group co-founder may be aiming for a spot in President Elizabeth Warren’s cabinet.


"If you look at it right now, I'd argue that really what they are is a utility and they should be regulated because they haven't been able to regulate themselves," Lasry told CNBC's "Halftime Report" on Monday….

"I think the problem ends up being Facebook hasn't been able to regulate themselves," Lasry said. "So therefore, if you have the government coming in and now it's a utility, as a utility there's going to be a limit on what you're going to be able to make."

In other words: Mark Zuckerberg might have to again pull out all the stops to make Donald Trump president again in 2020, or else.

Investor Marc Lasry says Facebook should be regulated like a utility after data debacle [CNBC]


Marc Lasry Is Moving To Paris

[caption id="attachment_100005" align="alignright" width="260"] Slumming it.[/caption] If you haven't heard, Avenue Capital's Marc Lasry will be representing you to our oldest and least-reliable ally. The White House didn't intend for you to hear that for a few weeks yet, and Avenue certainly didn't intend for its clients to hear it. But no convention of courtesy or deference can hold Bill Clinton down.