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Steve Mnuchin Spent $1 Million Of Taxpayer Money To Avoid Flying Commercial, Water Remains Wet

He's not "a poor," you fools.
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Thanks to some hard work from the folks over at the [previously] non-partisan Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, the American public is now aware that Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin has spent $1 million of taxpayer money by refusing to fly commercial.

Based on what CREW has found by FOIA'ing and then suing to obtain Mnuchin's travel records, it seems that Mnooks has pulled every possible bureaucratic lever available to him to avoid getting on anything other than a private government plane while traveling for business or pleasure in his 15 months running Treasury. Mnuchin's travel has eviscerated modern norms of travel expenses for any federal employee who is not the president and reflects an almost pathological refusal to not get exactly what he wants.

Or as CREW puts it:

The public still has no reasonable explanation for why Secretary Mnuchin apparently has never used commercial aircraft, while his predecessors did; why his travel is not designed to minimize costs by, for example, scheduling confidential calls when he is not on a short domestic flight; or why he needs military aircraft that can accommodate 120 passengers when his travel manifests contain far fewer names. From the documents Treasury provided CREW, it appears Secretary Mnuchin considers first and foremost his own comfort and ease, leaving the protection of taxpayer monies far down on his list of priorities.

While we appreciate the research and the tone of this report, we would like to editorially respond to the above paragraph; No shit, he's Steve Mnuchin.

Not to repeat ourselves for the umpteenth time, but this is what Steve Mnuchin does. Going apeshit on Steve Mnuchin for eschewing ethics in favor of his comfort or enrichment is like shooting a leopard for having spots. Mnook's entire life story is a tale of privilege and consequence-free venality.

Using an ethical gray area to make himself more comfy on long and short flights is in Stevie's very nature. The guy is Louis Winthorpe III and all his friends from the tennis club come-to-life in one person. He was born with a silver spoon up his ass and has never felt a moment's discomfort. Steve Mnuchin isn't actively scamming the American public by making it pay for unnecessary private air travel, he's acting on instinct.

Trump's cabinet is having a field day spending your tax money on their fun, but that's because those guys are like the nouveau riche, swiping their shiny credit card on shit that they want. Steve Mnuchin is merely asking for like $1 million of our money a year to live the lifestyle he's lived his whole life. Flying commercial is terrifying, you guys. Some poor might touch him, or worse, Louise.

Now, we're not saying Steve isn't "wrong" to bill us for private airfare, we're just saying that when you set in motion a series of events that leads to a warlock with an allergy to ethics running the Treasury Department, you get what you get and you don't get upset. Steve Mnuchin will always assume that he can do whatever he wants and that no one can stop him. That's what his life has taught him. So don't think for a moment that he will cut the shit for however long he remains Treasury Secretary.



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