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Travis Kalanick Looking To Help Next Generation Of Tech Entrepreneurs Wait Too Long To Go Public

We missed this guy.

Silicon Valley's prodigal enfant terrible has begun his return to Sand Hill Road relevancy.


In a tweet this morning, our old pal Travis Kalanick announced the formation of a new investment fund that he will use to throw money at startups and non-profits. Name "10100" (we assume this a binary coding joke). The new fund seems to be a way for Kalanick to get back in the game via the $1.4 billion he took away from his divorce with Uber. But here's how he put it in his own words:

It's nice to have Travis back and we very much look forward to seeing which startups end up receiving his guidance on how to plumb the neverending pool of money that is the private equity market. We also look forward to getting a sense of who will throw in with T-Kal. Maybe this guy?...

Jamie Dimon and Travis Kalanick bare their hearts.

Jamie Dimon and Travis Kalanick bare their hearts.



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