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White House Insiders Reporting That Pete Navarro Is Thirsty AF

America's most dangerous "economic" "thinker" reportedly has his crazy eyes on Gary Cohn's old job.

In case you were worried that Gary Cohn's White House departure would leave the US economy exposed to the influence of dangerous maniacs with beliefs on the outer fringes of crazy economic thinking, it's time to panic.


Per Axios:

President Trump's spirit animal Peter Navarro is telling associates he wants Gary Cohn's job as the president's chief economic adviser.

Yup. Shit is getting reeeeeeal scary over at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. It appears that the new way of thinking is "If the adults are leaving, let's have some fun!" And Pete Navarro is definitely looking around and wondering "I've finally got a real shot at being taken seriously!"

Publicly, Navarro has been coy, telling Bloomberg TV he's not in the running for the job. But privately, the hardcore nationalist trade adviser is all in for the job.
Sources familiar with Navarro's thinking tell me he believes there are too many people inside the White House perimeter who oppose the president's agenda. Cohn, in particular, obstructed Navarro, telling colleagues that the nationalist trade adviser had no idea what he was doing, had no grasp of economics, and constantly "lied" to the president.

Not nice, Gary! It's not lying if you believe the crazy horseshit nonsense spewing from your rigid, angry piehole. So Navarro isn't so much a liar as a madman, and apparently many of his colleagues feel the same way...

Trump loves Navarro, and Navarro reflects the president's hardwired beliefs on trade far more closely than Cohn ever did, or did any of the other top officials involved in the trade debate besides Wilbur Ross. "Where's Peter?" Trump would sometimes say, when senior staff had "forgotten" to include Navarro in a meeting. 

"National Economic Director Larry Kudlow" looks better and better with each passing hour. And that is...breathtakingly scary.

Peter Navarro wants Gary Cohn's job, terrifying D.C. [Axios]



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