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Wilbur Ross Refutes Popular Misconception: 'We're Not Trying To Blow Up The World'

The Slipper King may not be getting the memos.
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So obviously, the Trump administration is in damage control mode on Wednesday morning after Gary Cohn finally came to the conclusion that trying to keep this train on the tracks is an exercise in abject futility.

Of course that was readily apparent to him last August when Trump resisted calls to publicly condemn actual neo-Nazis ("I don't know if you know, they had a permit. The other group didn't have a permit."), but back then the tax cuts weren't on the books yet and there was still a chance he could convince the President not to go the protectionist route on trade.

Once Trump made it clear last week that Peter Navarro is his economic spirit animal and there was nothing anyone could say or do to change his mind, Gary lost his appetite for sadomasochism.

To be clear, Wall Street hates this. Not only did they lose their inside guy (I don't think Mnuchin counts), everyone is also concerned that this could spiral out of control just when the tax cuts were set to usher in more buybacks on the way to doing for markets and the economy what that last line of blow you manage to scrape out of the 8 ball you bought yesterday does for you at 4:30 a.m. - one final euphoric hour before the inevitable, nauseating crash.

The analyst commentary isn't inspiring, and ranges from skeptical to outright dour. Most of it revolves around the same theme: the last bastion of sanity is on the way out the door.

It's against this backdrop that someone opened Wilbur Ross's crypt and gave him an adrenaline injection so he could appear in animate form on CNBC.

You'll recall that last week, Wilbur was invited on to defend the just-announced steel and aluminum tariffs and he brought along a series of props including some Campbell's soup and soda. In case you somehow missed that, you can read the details here, but really, this is all you need to know:


Given how well that went, everyone was understandably excited to find out what Wilbur would come up with on Wednesday and although there was a conspicuous lack of visual aides, there was no shortage of amusing soundbites, including this one:

I think that you're going to see, as you understand the details of what actually is going to happen is that we're not trying to blow up the world, there's no intention of that.

I'm not sure that helps, Wilbur.

The full video is below, and one of the points is that Trump is apparently willing to provide some sort of relief for Canada and Mexico. This gets at the whole "no one is exempt" thing and you'd be forgiven for doubting Ross because after all, Navarro said there would be no exemptions on Sunday.

Anyway, I guess the bright side to this is that in the event Trump does inadvertently "blow up the world", Wilbur is working hard on his lunar gas stations, so if his policies end up destroying the Earth, maybe he'll be kind enough to let us all shack up with him on the moon.

Wilbur Ross: We're not trying to 'blow up' global trade from CNBC.



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