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Without Further Ado, Here's That Video Of Steve Mnuchin Being Viciously Heckled By College Kids

His responses are even pissier and lame than we dreamed them to be...

Remember when Steve Mnuchin went to UCLA and let himself get so owned by a bunch of angry young people that he demanded the university bury all evidence of his appearance forever?

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 11.18.38 AM

Well, good news! It appears UCLA has reflected on Mnuchin's demands and responded with a well-reasoned "Fuuuuuuuuck that, bro." And now we can all watch Steve Mnuchin give a speech (his body language reminds us that he doesn't do it often enough) before getting rattled by hecklers and then turning catty and actually saying out loud "You guys get to hiss at me, I don't get to hiss at you, oooo'kay?"

To be fair, Mnuchin tries to be droll, but he is so visibly shook by the room turning against him that he loses his composure (like when he asks people to raise their hands when they hiss in an effort to point out the cowardice of hissing, but then they do raise their hands and then he has to thank them). He also manages to get so pissy in the face of the hissing that he whines aloud "You're gonna hiss my sanctions? Really?"

The whole thing is a wondrously discomfiting watch and shows a usually difficult speaker give one of the most cringeworthy political performances that we've ever seen.

Enjoy, you monsters.



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