Anthony Scaramucci To Announce Triumphant Return To The Hedge Fund Business

HNA says "Stugots" to Mooch on the SkyBridge deal.

Believe it or not, a Chinese conglomerate is reportedly no longer interested in pursuing a comically protracted and idiotically controversial deal to acquire a fund of funds owned by Anthony Scaramucci...


It's almost like The Mooch isn't what he used to be when he first decided to sell this thing and embrace his political destiny. The Ballad of The Mooch has gone through many bizarre and sad verses in the last two-odd years, but this feels like an unnecessarily embarrassing coda.

Then again, this is what The Mooch is good at. The man is a born salesman with real relationships in finance that might be still intact even after his White House misadventure and his new life as a TV surrogate character that appears to be the lovechild of Lee Atwater and Arthur Fonzarelli. There is every chance that Scaramucci re-takes the wheel at Skybridge and gets back to business, and we hope that this might be the case.

For all the bullshit, The Mooch is a character of the financial world and we remain steadfast that he exists best in that milieu. Maybe this last smackdown by the gods of humility will get him back to that.

After all, think of the lineup at SALT 2019 now that The Mooch is everyone's Mooch. We even look forward to maintaining tradition and not being invited.