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Crypto Founder Yassin Hankir Had To Pretend Like He Stole $50 Million Because 'There's So Much Scam Happening'

"...this was not meant to do prank and this was not meant to do fun of anyone or play around with trust."
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What kind of moron would launch a startup in an industry that's rife with fraud and then decide, seemingly out of the clear blue sky (figuratively and literally in this case), to tweet a picture of himself sitting on a beach drinking a beer with the caption "Thanks guys! Over and out..." followed by a hashtag and the name of his ICO?

A special kind of moron. That's the answer to that question. It would take a special kind of moron to do that.

Because you know, ICO scams are a real fucking thing and people are really pissed off about them because they amount to theft and stealing from people is illegal, etc. etc.

But if it takes a special kind of moron to tweet a picture of himself at an airport and then later, a picture of himself getting drunk on a beach with the clear intent to suggest he had made off with something like $50 million in money raised through an ICO, it takes a full-on idiot to do that and then simultaneously replace the company's official website with the infamous "Aaaaand it's gone" South Park meme.


Believe it or not, that is exactly what Savedroid founder (and man who will henceforth be synonymous with "dumb ass") Yassin Hankir did yesterday. Here's the tweet:


As Bloomberg notes, "investors who thought the Frankfurt-based Hankir had run off with millions of dollars raised in an initial coin offering were left with little legal recourse and could only hope it was a hack or a publicity stunt."

Right. And fortunately, it was a "publicity stunt" - or at least that's what a now sober Hankir is saying.

In a video message delivered in broken English on Thursday, Hankir explained "this was not meant to do prank and this was not meant to do fun of anyone or play around with trust".

Well thanks for clearing that up! So what exactly was this "meant to do"?

Well, Hankir is (not so glad) you asked. See, he "did that" to raise awareness of the fact that when it comes to ICOs, "there's so much scam happening."

How much "scam" you ask? Well, according to Hankir, "scam from the beginning to the very end of an ICO - exit scam."

Yes, "exit scam". Like running off to the beach with $50 million. Here's the ridiculous video set to a kind of mellow back beat in order to calm your ass down in case you were about to fly to Frankfurt to find this guy:

To the extent he's being serious there, he can forget it. Because the last person anyone is going to "trust" now, is Hankir.

On the bright side, he's gone some ways towards answering his own question about "how can we establish high quality ICO standards?"

One thing Hankir can definitively cross off the list of things that instill trust with investors is pretending to steal their money.

Incidentally, Bloomberg also notes that before his clarification, some investors "were already tracking him down". Apparently, the beach in the photo he tweeted is in Egypt.



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