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Do You Feel Insane Yet?

It's okay, we understand.


Jeff Bezos to Employees: You Don't Work In A Dystopian Hellscape, Do You? DO YOU?!?!

The Amazon employee handbook is apparently just a box set of "The Hunger Games" trilogy.


Larry Summers To Steve Mnuchin: "I Feel Bad For You Son"

The King of Deregulation is still a total Shade Queen.

The House of Mouse Is Feeling Pretty Goofy Right Now

M-I-C... See you back at your desk!... K-E-Y... Why? Because we f*cked up our plan to outsource your job!... M-O-U-S-E

ECB Feels Great About Doing Nothing

Flu isn't the only thing going around. An epidemic of economic optimism has seized the European Central Bank, and its president thinks that should be enough to get the continent's economy going once again.

Warren Buffett Is "Feeling The Bern"

Bernie Sanders and Warren Buffett are a buddy cop movie just waiting to happen.