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Former Morgan Stanley Trader (Not) Looking To Make A Quick Million On Business Cards That Led To Most Annoying Moments Of His Life

Morgan A Stanley is having fun you guys.

Remember our pal, former Morgan Stanley fixed-income trader Morgan Stanley?

Well, someone is on Craigslist looking to make $1 million on three of his former business cards. Take a look at the beauty of this meta trolling:

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 3.48.12 PM

Now we're not saying that the seller is Morgan A. Stanley himself, but if it isn't, we are very disappointed in Morgan A. Stanley. And we're also hoping that Morgan took a whole ream of these out of his desk and is selling three for a $1M pop a few times over.

And we want this because we cannot imagine the ineffable anticipatory agony that Morgan must have felt every time he reached for one of these things, handed it to someone, watched their eyes light up and say absurdly dumb shit like "Ohmigod, is this real?" or "Did you change your name?" or "Is this a typo?"

He should monetize the constant corny annoyance that was his life as Morgan Stanley's Morgan Stanley. And he's going to need the money since he was so obviously fired after Jim Gorman realized that anyone named Morgan Stanley posed an existential threat to his reign on the iron throne.



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