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How to Look Like You’re on Top of the News When It’s Changing Every 5 Minutes

Communicating during global or national events, breaking news, and especially market volatility is valuable for your clients, which means it’s valuable to you.

The never-ending news cycle just keeps crashing down around us and, every time it does, anyone with money in an investment account wants to know: what does this mean for me, my money, and my future?


If you count any of these investors among your client base, then every time they feel uncertainty is an opportunity to strengthen your relationship and increase your business.

Communicating during global or national events, breaking news, and especially market volatility is valuable for your clients, which means it’s valuable to you.

Your audience is reading the news regardless of your communication, but who knows what they’re reading? It could be bad advice, direction you’d never agree with, or worse – a convincing argument from a competitor to turn to their services.

When you’re the first to at the top of clients’ inboxes with interpretation, commentary, and sound advice, you establish a touchpoint at a valuable time.

As investors read news, they form opinions, ask more questions, shape their perception, and consider action. Direct the right news to them and shape their interpretation with your commentary, resulting in desirable action.

If you present yourself as someone with answers, clients will turn to you with questions. And even better? They’ll share your answers with friends and family. Sharing begets sharing, and sharing at the right time begets the most of all.

Who’s your most valuable prospective client? Perhaps someone with investments impacted by the markets, who’s open to advice, and whose close friend is a client of yours. When you’re on top of the news, delivering valuable advice to clients at the right times, this is the audience your clients will forward your emails too. And just like that – you’re expanding the reaches of your network.

 “I don’t have all day to write commentary…”

…is probably what you’re saying right now. And you’re right. If you wanted to respond to every market-impacting event with unique commentary, you’d be a full time pundit. The good news: this communication strategy does not hinge on your writing talent and time. All you need to do is deliver news from trusted publications which share the viewpoint your represent. Add your own notes or comments, but let the experts at top outlets do the speaking for you.

If that’s not easy enough for you, Vestorly does it for you. This intelligent email builder curates articles and constructs emails. Just add your commentary and hit send.

Try it free.

You’ll always look like you’re on top of the news when you automate the communication tasks you don’t have time for. When the market takes a turn, don’t be the last person to reach your clients. Be the first.



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