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Jeff Gundlach Wore A Purple Corduroy Suit To This Year's Sohn Conference...And Thus Concludes Our Coverage Of This Year's Sohn Conference

This thing peaked early and J-Gundz won Sohn...again.

J-Gundz was back at the Sohn Ideas Conference this year doing what J-Gundz does best: Burying his investment advice under a shit-ton of wonderfully ridiculous performance art.

If you care to remember, Gundlach spent his time at this conference last year copiously quoting Nietzsche, sharing brutalist art, telling everyone that a clown named "Blinky" made him drop out of Yale and introducing us all to his Twitter persona "@TruthGundlach." He also, if we recall correctly, touched briefly on shorting the S&P and investing in emerging markets. We honestly didn't give a shit after we were done reading his twitter and exhaustively googling "Evil clown and Jeffrey Gundlach and Yale."

So obviously J-Gundz had a high bar to hop for 2018. And hop it he did in the shortest manner possible: He wore a fun costume!

This is the best image we could get of Jeff Gundlach in a purple corduroy suit with green pocket square at Sohn this year:

Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 1.45.26 PM

The outfit was so cringeworthily awesome, it breathed life into a pretty off year for Sohn. By coming out dressed as Jack Nicholson's Joker from the 1989 version of Batman, Gundlach made us forget that the morning was given over to a hedge fund high school battle of the bands called "Sohn New Wave," and that Bill Ackman isn't here, and that David Einhorn will be fighting for his future as the last speaker of the day.

Gundlach's batshit suit was so transfixing that it stayed us through a very Gundlachian presentation that meandered between quotes, Jesse Livermore hero worship and a prolonged Michael Dukakis joke that made us long for who Dennis Miller used to be. The thin wale of Gundlach's plum-colored confection glowed in the stage lights and made it hard to listen as he tee'd off on Mark Zuckerberg, announced he is shorting Facebook and is falling in love with the SPDR S&P Oil & Gas Exploration & Production ETF...or something, we really got distracted by the suit.

It made us wish that Prince was still alive to mock him, and then imagine what Bill Gross would look like dressed up as The Penguin.



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