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Larry Fink Finally Pops His Billionaire Cherry

The King of BlackRock is finally actually rich.

After years of being the richest non-billionaire in global finance, Larry Fink's endless nightmare of relative poverty is finally over!


Fink’s personal fortune, meantime, has at last eclipsed $1 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. His holding in BlackRock is valued at $570 million with dividends, stock sales and compensation -- $27.7 million in 2017 -- making up the rest.

Hallejulah and pass the joint!

For too long, Larry Fink has been undermined by his own share structure in BlackRock, granting him a measly amount of the profit machine that he created with his own hands. But finally he can breathe easy because he will no longer have to be whispered about as he leaves brunch in The Hamptons or cocktail owner in St. Barth's. Larry Fink is a bona fide billionaire now, and his life will be totally different!

That sound you hear is famed Fink underminer Steve Schwarzman haughtily whispering to himself "Whatevs, I made a billion last year alone."

Wall Street’s $6 Trillion Man Fink Is Finally Worth $1 Billion [Bloomberg]


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