Michael Milken Knows How To Keep It Hot With Carl Icahn

Uncle Carl is such an adorably incorrigible haggler.

In hopes of drumming up interest in the aforementioned Milken Institute global conference that starts Sunday,Michael Milken has been talking to the press a little bit and tickling everyone's ass with a feather about a Drexel Burnham reunion show and looking back on how great his career has been (federal penitentiary stay aside) so far.


Milken is nothing if not a guy who knows everybody and he is never afraid to talk about it. Usually, stories from masters of the universe about their peers rarely manager to register on our interest meter, but Milken's terse penny psychological take on Carl Icahn is kind a fun...especially for a Friday afternoon.

Check this out this exchange with Bloomberg:

How do you approach negotiations?
Even if you have a price that a person would want to do the transaction, sometimes you have to let a person feel like they can negotiate. A person like Carl Icahn, for example: It would take the thrill out of it if he couldn’t negotiate.

You gotta know how to keep it hot with an older guy, and who better than another older guy who loves to wheel and deal. We would love to watch Milken and Carl haggle over a check...at Marea.

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