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Mick Mulvaney To Banking Industry: I Don't Dance Now, I Make Money Moves

Only Mick Mulvaney would have the balls to explain lobbying to lobbyists.

At this point, it's pretty hard for us to be surprised by the behavior of OMB/CFPB director Mick Mulvaney. While fond of acting pissy and emotionally exhausted by being the smartest person in every room, Mick had been one of the few Trump officials to use his political dog whistle with some aplomb but the most imperious leprechaun in Washington has recently stopped pretending to pretend that he is not hellbent on tearing the agency apart the CFPB from the inside out.


Mulvaney has intimated for weeks that the CFPB works for the banking industry now, but it seemed like even he felt the need to feign interest in the agency's ever-fading regulatory power. But the haughty rage monster will also not allow himself to use finesse or false humility in his courting of the banking industry. No, no, no, you give Mick Mulvaney a hot mic at the ABA conference and he suddenly turns into Cardi B.

Mick Mulvaney, the interim director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, told banking industry executives on Tuesday that they should press lawmakers hard to pursue their agenda, and revealed that, as a congressman, he would meet only with lobbyists if they had contributed to his campaign.
“We had a hierarchy in my office in Congress,” Mr. Mulvaney, a former Republican lawmaker from South Carolina, told 1,300 bankers and lending industry officials at an American Bankers Association conference in Washington.

Read this next part to the tune of "Bodak Yellow" and tell us with a straight face that Mick Mulvaney does not have the soul of a stripper turned hip-hop megastar living inside him:

“If you’re a lobbyist who never gave us money, I didn’t talk to you. If you’re a lobbyist who gave us money, I might talk to you.”

He didn't actually say "I'm a boss, you a worker bitch" but it was implied.

A lot of hay is being made today that Mulvaney would be so overt in telling lobbyists that paying politicians works, but we almost find it refreshing.

Don't get us wrong, we have an admitted personal animus against Mick Mulvaney due to how his face and personality are terrible, but it's almost a relief to hear someone from Washington in general and this administration in particular stand at a podium and say "We are for sale!" out loud. We can't help but snicker as we watch the mainstream media get 'the vapors' after a guy who has all but said that he is in the pocket of the ABA say it out loud to the ABA. Elizabeth Warren has taken every opportunity to make it clear that she is out to raze and rebuild the entire American financial system. If she had gotten in front of convention and announced that she wanted to jail every bank lobbyist, we wouldn't blink an eye, and that's almost as crazy as admitting that politicians will sit, play dead and roll over for a fat campaign check.

In the end we just need to reckon that what Mick Mulvaney just said to the ABA is brazen, avaricious, priggish and sadly true, just like Mick Mulvaney.

Mulvaney, Watchdog Bureau’s Leader, Advises Bankers on Ways to Curtail Agency [NYTimes]



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