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Steve Cohen Spent The Weekend Partying With Charlie Rose And Woody Allen Because Sometimes These Write Themselves

Is it us, or does this troika have a theme?

Last week we learned that Steve Cohen's new hedge fund is sitting on more than $3 billion in outside money less than four months into his post SEC-enforced timeout period. That's a lot of money to raise in just a few weeks, and our eyebrow was definitely in a raised position considering that Steve managed to book all that cheddar despite his own public scrape with the #MeToo movement.


But now that we hear who SAC is out on the town with these days, it makes sense that rumors of sexual harassment aren't having a materially negative effect on Point72's AUM...

Thanks for this beautiful report, PageSix:

Ousted CBS and PBS anchor Charlie Rose continues to be a fixture on New York’s social circuit.
After Page Six exclusively reported he had dinner Wednesday with Sean Penn at one of NYC’s hottest new restaurants, Frenchette, Rose was seen the next night at an Upper East Side birthday party hanging with guests including Woody Allen and billionaire Steve Cohen.

Now, we're surprised that Steve's closest celebrity BFF Guy Fieri wasn't along for this boys night out, but considering that Fieri has not been the focus of public outrage over a sexual misconduct scandal, we also understand that he would have felt pretty left out. And think of the fundraising opportunities that Steve availed himself of by hanging loose with two millionaires who also happen to be socially toxic!

SAC is back BABY! And his decision-making remains perfectly intact!

Charlie Rose parties with Woody Allen [PageSix]



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