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Steve Cohen’s Not-So-Crack Naming Unit Stumbles Upon Decent Handle

The only problem is another money manager’s been using it for almost 20 years and isn’t interested in sharing.
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Ever since certain unfortunate circumstances persuaded Steve Cohen to abandon the perfectly good nom d’entreprise SAC Capital Advisers, the Big Guy’s quite frankly struggled with the name game. The monikers he’s come up with for his family-office-cum-hedge-fund and its disparate parts have ranged from the uninspired (Point72 Asset Management, Stamford Harbor Capital) to the puzzling (Creating Rubric Capital). More recently, team Cohen has all but given up on attempting the impossible by coming up with a decent name. Instead of heroic attempts and failures like Cubist Systematic Strategies, they’re just appending words to the Point72 brand, for example, dubbing the venture capital arm Point72 Ventures. This approach is certainly boring, but is at least safe from misfires like “EverPoint Asset Management.” That is, as long as they don’t try to combine it with their earlier awkward efforts at creativity and accidentally or otherwise pick for one of Cohen’s apparently endless quantitative adventures a made-up word that other people had already made up and applied to wireless platforms, digital pathology ventures and, most importantly, an asset manager that’s not particularly interested in being linked with other asset managers carrying reputational issues.


Aperio Group LLC, which said it has more than $25 billion of assets under management, said Cohen’s Point72 Asset Management LP has caused confusion among customers, causing them to believe the two firms are connected….

Aperio said sources of confusion have included a published article and television report discussing Aperio and Point72, and an abstract for a Stanford University seminar featuring a “managing director and chief data scientist for Aperio” who was also “responsible for Point72’s big data research team….”

In its complaint filed in San Francisco federal court, Aperio said Point72 has filed to register the trademark Point72 Aperio, and is causing “irreparable and substantial injury in the goodwill that Aperio has developed in its Aperio mark.”

Steve Cohen’s hedge fund sued over use of another fund’s name [N.Y. Post]



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