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Citadel Vet Flees Into the Not-At-All Infuriating Arms Of George Soros

It’s fine: All the lamps at Soros Fund Management are bolted down.
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It turns out that Steve Cohen’s brother-in-law wasn’t the only person shown the door at Citadel’s Aptigon stock-picking unit. About a third of his co-workers also fulfilled their destiny in getting canned or otherwise driven away by Ken Griffin, one of Wall Street’s key rites of passage. And following them was one Lucy DeStefano, Aptigon’s former head of trading, last month.

DeStefano, as custom and legal instruments dictate, will now take the better part of year to decompress and deGriffinify. And then, it’s off to Soros Fund Management to help finance the New World Order and duck the flying lamps.

At Soros, DeStefano will report to head of trading Jessica Murphy and join the firm’s trading team to focus on systematic trading strategy for macro investments…. DeStefano graduated from Princeton University and previously worked at hedge fund Pine River Capital Management.

Soros Fund Management hires ex Citadel trader: sources [Reuters]


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