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Craig Carton Pleads Stupidity, And Who Are We To Argue?

It’s the most believable thing he’s said about the ticket-scalping Ponzi scheme yet.
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Craig Carton’s intellectual deficiencies were readily apparent to anyone whose car radio was stuck on WFAN in New York on weekday mornings before his untimely arrest in September on charges of running a ticket-scalping Ponzi scheme at the expense of an allegedly well-run hedge fund. Presumably, his lawyers are preparing transcripts of some of his choicer takes on the Mets and Jets to fortify their argument that he should not be facing those charges on account of those intellectual deficiencies.


"The Indictment is devoid of any allegations that Mr. Carton possessed 'culpable intent' at the time the Hedge Fund established the loan facility for approximately $4.6 million in the ticket resale business on December 8, 2016," reads the court document. "The Government has failed to put forth any allegation that Mr. Carton had 'intent to deceive' at the time the Hedge Fund established the loan agreement."

In other words, he really did think that he’d be able to make a handsome double-digit return scalping tickets to Barbara Streisand concerts when he raised that $4.6 million from Brigade Capital Management, rather than taking a multi-hundred-thousand dollar bath. And he really did think that the way wire transfers worked was to have someone send $2 million to the wrong company, and then call that company and tell them to re-route it to his company, which it for some reason did. And also that he really did think that the company he was working with’s employees were tied up in meetings when he said as much to Brigade. It really is just a great big kooky misunderstanding.

Oh, yea, and don’t believe a word that his alleged co-conspirator says, and certainly don’t let him say it to the jury that will decide Carton’s fate (i.e., whether he’ll get to continue to broadcast to several dozen people on an online Canadian streaming service, or go to jail).

Carton's legal team argues that Wright will become "in effect, a second prosecutor" when Wright presents evidence against Carton….

"Carton stated to me — while he was being processed at the courthouse after his arrest in this case — that Wright was 'innocent' of the charges and had 'nothing to do with it,'" the affidavit says. "Carton repeated this statement to me on numerous occasions thereafter, and even said he would testify as to such."

Wait, wait, wait: We’re sorry. It’s apparently a different Craig Carton seeking those things, a person unknown to anyone who ever had the misfortune of listening to him. Unless they accidentally (whoops, again!) forgot to replace all of the stuff about good-will with the two words they put at the end of the sentence.

"A decade building good-will as a highly respected community leader, child advocate and charity minded citizen was completely discarded with an obnoxious disregard," reads the filing.

Ex-WFAN host Craig Carton files motion to dismiss securities fraud charge ahead of ticket fraud trial [N.Y. Daily News]



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