Goldman Sachs Should Be Ashamed That VP Only Made $130K During Three-Year Insider Trading Scam

This is truly shameful. It's like he wasn't even really trying.

Some truly bizarre news out of the white collar crime docket this afternoon...

Federal prosecutors on Thursday accused a Goldman Sachs investment banker in San Francisco of insider trading, alleging that Woojae Jung used confidential information to trade in a dozen stocks over three years.
Prosecutors said he earned illicit profits of just over $130,000.

Yeah, we couldn't believe it either.

Somehow, a guy that managed to make VP at Goldman Sachs only managed to pull down $130K in three years while trading on his own M&A deals. And not only that, according to his LinkedIn page, Jung also worked at McKinsey and has an MBA from Wharton.

Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 2.42.32 PM

$130K?! For three years of cheating?!

We are embarrassed for everyone involved.

Goldman Sachs Banker Charged With Fraud in Insider Trading Case [NYT]


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