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Hedge Fund Shockingly Accused Of Treating Woman Poorly, Paying Her Less Than Men

We know, we couldn’t believe it either.
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As we all well know, Wall Street has yet to have its #metoo moment. Try as Elizabeth Warren might, she just can’t find any hedge fund managers broadcasting hardcore porn on their trading floors or getting a little on the side from a subordinate after an mandatory strip-training session or including a lack of aversion to the term “sugar tits” in secretarial job listings or hanging out with alleged perverts while his own firm is allegedly telling female employees “this is just a really tough place for women, and that’s not going to change,” nor any bailed-out insurance giants staffed by under-desk Peeping Toms, nor banks firing senior VPs for objecting to suggestions that young female subordinates to get down to some horizontal business development with clients, nor even any high-profile supporters and enablers of those brought low by sexual harassment and assault allegations in other industries. Why, all over Wall Street today, people are undoubtedly cheering the fall of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman—not because he was a realpainintheass, of course, but because of those women he allegedly choked.

So imagine our surprise when we received word that a former managing director at Element Capital Management was accusing the hedge fund of paying her less than her many more numerous penis-endowed colleages and throwing women’s work her way.

Stine, who was hired by Element to handle domestic and international taxes, accounting and payroll management and to oversee Talpins’s personal finances, said in the complaint that her compensation “paled in comparison” to that of male managing directors. When Stine was fired in 2017, the complaint says, Element’s 54-member staff included only six other women, four of whom were administrative assistants….

“It is becoming all too clear that women on Wall Street,” Stine’s suit says, “have encountered career-long, rampant discrimination and harassment.”

We don’t know which Wall Street Stine’s talking about, because that bears absolutely no resemblance to the fully equal and Woke financial industry that we’ve come to know and love and which definitely doesn’t need a tangible artisto-marketing reminder of its shortcomings in the realm of female empowerment. Luckily, according to Element, there’s a perfectly reasonable, non-misogynistic basis for Stine’s shit-canning and lower pay.

A representative for Element Capital said Stine’s employment was terminated because of poor performance. “The allegations in the complaint are baseless and Element intends to fully defend itself against these false claims,” the representative said.

Plus, this woman has an M.O.: She’s sued an employer for this kind of thing before, which is definitely not evidence of the widespread nature of her allegations but which definitely does prove that she’s a gold-digging harpy.

While at Goldman, roughly 18 years ago, Stine filed a discrimination suit against the bank after receiving a so-called right-to-sue letter from the EEOC, according to last week’s complaint. Stine’s case against Goldman was dismissed by stipulation between the two parties after almost two years of litigation, the current suit says.

In retrospect, we’re sorry for even bringing this to your attention at all. Please, return to your work with the deserving self-satisfaction that comes to those working in an industry untroubled by the systematic objectification, abuse and belittlement of the fairer sex. Bravo.

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