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Jose Canseco Needs A Lawyer For An ICO That Merges Celebrity Crypto With Unwanted Hugs

Don't everyone line up at once.
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Some people might look at the zeitgeist right now and think that the only thing less appealing than a celebrity ICO is a male celebrity offering to hug people. And practically no one would see value in combining the most mocked thing in finance with a twist that seems to flaunt its opposition to the #MeToo movement.

But then again, most people are not Jose Canseco.

That's right, you jabronis, everyone's favorite steroid-using market genius not named Nassim Nicholas Taleb is getting in on the crypto craze at exactly the right time! You know, like he did with gold.

From the Twitters:

That sound you hear is the entire American legal community unplugging their phones simultaneously. And based on what Jose seems to have in mind for this ICO, it feels like he will definitely need a lawyer, just maybe someone with a different specialty...

Oh, calm down you prudes. He's not an animal. There are rules for cryptohugs:

So many rules...

We don't know how CansecoCoin will play out long-term, but its existence is enough to make us glad for the first time that Jose didn't get the top job at The Fed he wanted so badly.



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