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Opposite Day

Like yesterday, but also not at all.



Spending Your Work Day Talking About Vaginas And Periods Doesn't Mean You Shouldn't Have An Employee Handbook

THINX CEO Miki Agrawal sounds like if Sage Kelly and Lynn Tilton had a hipster entrepreneur lovechild.

So, That Was Some Day Huh?

Europe roiled, China continued a curious collapse and NYSE got glitchy wit' it.

Barry Diller Values Yahoo At Somewhere Between $0 And "Don't Waste My Time"

It doesn't look like Barry is coming to save Marissa after all...

It's Not Fracking If You're Just "Re-Fracking"

Hey, we all like oil and it's not like God is making any more of this stuff.

Yahoo Is Having A Pretty Sh!tty Day

At Yahoo, they now just call this "Monday."

New York Jumps On the Daily Fantasy Sports Bashing Bandwagon

Eric Schneiderman might be acting like an overeager political opportunist. Also water might be wet.