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Pete Navarro Goes On NPR To Diss Steve Mnuchin Because Pete Navarro Is So Crazy That He Thinks Steve Mnuchin Listens To NPR

Trump's "Economic Dream Team" cannot be stopped!

The Trump Administration's economic dream team is at it again!


After their catty sorority flight home from China resulted in everyone admitting that they hate everyone else because, like, they are all wrong about China - and also Lighthizer is a real bitch when he's hungry - Steve Mnuchin and Larry Kudlow managed to get Pete Navarro benched from further negotiations with the Chinese. Rumor had it at that time that Navarro got in trouble by acting like himself and throwing a tantrum on the plane home, yelling at Mnuchin that he was being too soft on China, a country that Navarro has come to believe is the sworn enemy of justice and truth in the universe.

All in all, the whole episode was just another batshit moment of messy drama in the highest policy levels of the Trump White House, but it also felt like the final time that Navarro would be pushed aside for being a radical loon. And that feeling was compounded by Mnuchin going on the Sunday shows and telling everyone that the trade war with China was "on hold."

But, this is also the Trump White House, so things changed almost immediately after that and Trump announced $50 billion worth of new tariffs on the Chinese, putting the trade war firmly back on "Play."

While most governments would attempt to band together and get on message, presenting a unified face to explain a sudden shift in tone with regards to a trade deal between the worlds most important economies. Not this one though!

Instead, jilted maniac Pete Navarro decided to pull a page form the Drake/Pusha T playbook and throw a diss track on Mnuchin live on the radio. So Navarro went on NPR (because who in the Trump White House doesn't listen to NPR?) and framed the entire about-face on China tariffs as a case of Mnuchin opening his weird yap.

“That was an unfortunate soundbite, basically for two reasons,” Navarro told NPR's Steve Inskeep . “One is that what we’re having with China is a trade dispute, plain and simple. They engage in a whole range of unfair trade practices.”

The most marginalized economist to ever work in a White House also went on to not talk about ZTE (he claimed the privilege of being "a government employee" which is nonsense and then bullied Inskeep to stop asking about it) and then went full angry asshole when Inskeep dared to ask if he was concerned that China might be leveraging the president through his daughter.

All in all, it was another batshit performance by the most batshit Trump employee. We assume Wilbur Ross will be pissed when he wakes up form his 6 hour morning nap.

Trump Administration Announces New Restrictions On China [NPR]



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