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Peter Navarro Sidelined From China Trade Talks Because He's Peter F@#%ing Navarro

Even Trump realizes that it's not wise to let a rabid dog into a preschool.

Hey, look, there's breaking news in the world of basic human logic...


White House trade adviser Peter Navarro has been excluded from talks Thursday with China’s top economic envoy aimed at defusing a brewing trade war with the U.S., two administration officials said.

Well, no fucking duh. Letting Pete Navarro take part in trade talks with China would be like letting a toddler clean and organize your wedding crystal. Letting Pete Navarro converse with Chinese officials is like naming Kanye West the new ambassador to Wakanda. Letting Peter Navarro negotiate trade with the Chinese is like hiring Harvey Weinstein to run your company's sexual conduct seminar.

It's almost breathtaking that the Trump Administration has the awareness to do something so logical based on the fact that they HIRED HIM AS A TRADE EXPERT IN THE FIRST FUCKING PLACE. That said, we can't help but giggle at the leaked rationale for keeping Navarro out of the room...

Navarro, who once published a book titled “Death by China” and has long been hostile to the country, has lately behaved erratically and unprofessionally, the officials said.

Umm, allow us a counterpoint. Pete Navarro wasn't "behaving erratically" lately, he was behaving like himself this whole time! Navarro has built a middling academic career out of being rabidly anti-China and acting like a loon. When Gary Cohn was still in the White House, Navarro was essentially locked away in solitary where he presumably drew "Fuck China" in his own excrement on some wall inside the OEB. Once Gary got benched, Navarro was wandering the halls in sweatpants, holding his own book and assuming that he was getting Gary's NEC gig...because he's nutty.

He even somehow ended up on the plane to China a few weeks ago where he managed to make the Nightmare Squad of Steve Mnuchin, Larry Kudlow and Robert Lighthizer look even less competent.

The officials said Navarro wasn’t a team player when the U.S. sent a delegation led by Mnuchin earlier this month to Beijing to meet with Liu. 

To be fair to Navarro, only Stevie Mnooks would have the total lack of situational awareness to be shocked that Pete Navarro would call an angry audible in a meeting with his sworn enemies. Mnuchin brought rabid dog into a dark room and came out furious that he got bit.

Listen, we're relieved that Pete Navarro isn't going to start a trade war with the world's largest economy by purchasing power, but we remain amazed how fucking close he got.

Navarro to Be Excluded From China Talks, Officials Say [Bloomberg]



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