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Ray Dalio No Fan Of Trump Tariffs, Big Fan Of Profiting From Them

Those steel duties may be a whole lot of nothing, but the unPrincipled masses don’t seem to realize that.
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In the spirit of radical transparency, Ray Dalio would probably admit that he doesn’t have the first goddamned clue what our clown president is doing. He’s certainly more than a little mystified by Trump’s trade “policy,” and especially the tariffs seemingly designed to provoke the Chinese into a trade war. But Ray Dalio knows the Chinese, and he’s pretty sure they’re not as stupid or reckless or unmoored as Donald Trump, which is why he’s fairly confident in saying that the “actual impacts of the tariffs… will be very small.” That being said….


Cleveland-Cliffs Inc., the top U.S. iron-ore producer, is reaping the gains from U.S. President Donald Trump’s steel tariffs…. Bridgewater added 1.89 million shares to his holdings, the second-largest position increase in his portfolio of U.S. listed securities.

Ray Dalio Joins Hedge Funds Buying Cliffs After Trump Tariffs [Bloomberg]



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