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Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist Spends 10 Minutes On Live Television Reinforcing Every Negative Stereotype About Silicon Valley Venture Capitalists

CNBC needs to have Tim Draper on every day.

We're not going to ruin this with too much preamble, because the video is almost too perfect for words, but we will say that Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tim Draper went on CNBC's Closing Bell wearing a purple tie with Bitcoin symbols all over it and gave a handful of soliloquies about the press and the government crushing poor, innocent iconic tech entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg, Travis Kalanick and Elizabeth Holmes.

Yeah, the appearance was utterly batshit and Draper only got more ridiculous as the appearance went on and things really came to a head when Draper started basically framing Holmes as a modern Joan of Arc and the normally demure professional Kelly Evans was forced into taking a stance best described as "Bitch, is you crazy?"

Anyway, behold:

VC Draper: Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes was bullied into submission from CNBC.


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