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Since No One Is Listening To His Thoughts On Economics, Larry Kudlow Now Wanders The West Wing Offering Bad Fashion Advice

Kuddles has some thoughts on brown shoes with blue suits, and they are incorrect.

When Larry Kudlow took his talents from the Midtown Cipriani to The West Wing, we wondered how long it would take for everyone's favorite anthropomorphized Jay McInerney character to realize that his free-trading "King Dollar" thinking would be out-of-sync in a White House run by a fake nationalist with no real understanding of monetary policy.


So far, Larry has hung on to his spot in Trump's inner circle but his fingers must be sore what with the Trump administration behaving with the intellectual consistency of a tween smoking synthetic marijuana every time a trade deal gets mentioned, and also having to deal at all times with the reality of Peter Navarro existing despite basic human logic. Kuddles' government gig is not going the way we thought it would, but it's definitely not going the way he thought it would either.

We knew he would be offering his very strong and often bad opinions to anyone within earshot of his sonorously nasal voice, but even we did not dare to dream that things would get so difficult that Larry Kudlow would be reduced to what is being reported by The Washington Post:

Kudlow, who replaced Gary Cohn as director of the National Economic Council, has tried to temper some of Trump’s nationalistic impulses on trade — arguing against tariffs in meetings, for instance, according to administration officials. But on other issues he is very much in sync with Trump, they said.
“Kudlow is much more within his philosophical sphere,” Giuliani said, adding that though the two men have “some disagreements on trade,” they can almost always “meet in the middle.”
Known for his pinstripe suits, Kudlow cuts an affable swath through the West Wing and has taken to giving sartorial tips to male colleagues — specifically arguing against brown shoes with blue suits. 

This is sad.

If you had told us back in March that Larry was going to spend his days having his bad economic advice ignored by fringe loons like Stephen Miller, we would have sighed and said "Yeah, that reads," but if you had told us that Larry was doomed to wander the halls preaching even more objectively incorrect fashion tips to White House staffers who just moved out of the Young Republican dorm at their respective SEC college, we would have shed an actual tear...and then giggled a little.

Also, you DEFINITELY should wear brown shoes with blue suits.

‘The only one’: In new West Wing season, Trump calls the shots and aides follow [WaPo]



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