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Steve Mnuchin Can't See What Everyone Else Is Worried About In The Economy, Probably Because His Eyes Are Usually Closed

This is a mean joke about Steve Mnuchin's appearance, but it's also a meaner joke about his intelligence.

United States Treasury Secretary and famed non-economist Steven Mnuchin flew home to Los Angeles the other day in order to spend time around a different group of people who have no idea how he got successful, and also for an appearance at The Milken Industry Global Conference.


The Warlock of Washington clearly felt at home in a room of bold-name financial types, and appears to have gotten so relaxed that he ended up reinforcing the notion that he's an adorably unqualified political shill having a real fun time running the Treasury Department. Sitting in Beverly Hills and staring out at a sea of people who know infinitely more about him than what's happening in the macroeconomy and aren't hemmed in by their willing emotional servitude to a mental autocrat who uses the DJIA to measure part of his self-worth, Mnuchin attempted to pooh-pooh market fears by just, like, saying "Me no worried."

“I don’t buy that at all,” Mnuchin said of a possible economic downturn before 2020.
“We see very strong economic growth for the next several years.”

And Mnuchin even drilled down about a bit on where the confusion might be, and his reasoning is as Mnuchin as Mnuchin gets:

“The financial markets have recovered. Corporate earnings have done very well,” Mnuchin told an audience at the Milken Institute Global Conference.
“For the average worker, their wages have not gone up.”

See? Not a cloud in the sky?

But don't worry, Steve's nonsense economic "leadership" won't make you bankrupt. That's an irrational fear. By the time you'd go broke, you'll be long dead after Mnooks trip to China and the inevitable shooting war that follows.

Mnuchin on recession possibility: ‘I don’t buy that at all’ [NYPost]



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