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The Poached Becomes The Poacher

Steve Cohen's recruiting problems are a thing of the past.
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A couple of years ago, Ken Griffin had a little bit of friendly advice for his buddy Steve Cohen, who—potentially on account of the unfortunateness—was having a little trouble finding non-idiots to yell at and humiliate. That advice was, “take it from somebody else,” with the unspoken addendum of “especially if they’re having some reputational problems… oh, wait, you can’t. Sorry.”


History has not recorded Cohen’s undoubtedly understated and not-at-all roaring spit-geyser reaction to that bit of Windy City shade-throwing. Suffice it to say he was only too happy to take Griffin’s advice in staffing up his burgeoning quantitative efforts with one of Ken’s own. And now that KG is having his own staffing issues, the Big Guy would like to note that he’s having to beat the top-notch talent flocking to Stamford off with a stick, with a bit of bonus revenge against another hedge fund with a penchant for poaching Point72ers.

Portfolio managers Zorin Finkelsen, Dudley Hoskin, Jamie Pullen and two analysts recently joined Point72, said people familiar with the moves. They jumped after starting at Dmitry Balyasny’s firm late last year. Before that, they worked together at Paul Tudor Jones’s shop. Peter Williams, another Balyasny portfolio manager, also left for Point72 earlier this year…. The Stamford, Connecticut-based firm recently snapped up employees from Morgan Stanley’s electronic trading desk, the Equity Trading Lab, said the people, who asked not to be named.

Steve Cohen’s Point72 Hires Macro Team From Balyasny [Bloomberg]
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