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We’ll Have To Wait And See

If there's a tomorrow, we're going to learn a lot.



And Now, We Wait

It says a lot about how uninspiring a given day truly was when the biggest news involves Larry Kudlow.


Banned Financial Adviser Still Waiting For Her "Ignore The SEC And Pretend Nothing Is Wrong" Defense Plan To Pay Off

It didn't go great when Dawn Bennett was forced to appeal her case to the same agency that she claims isn't allowed to judge her.


Elon Musk Hopes To Distract From His Problems By Having People Pay Him To Elaborately Murder Them In Space

If you don't stop shorting Tesla, Elon's going to shoot a Japanese guy into the fucking moon.


The Mooch Will Enter A Temporary Cocoon Of Sadness And Growth In Order To Reemerge As The Mooch

He's just going to learn how to say "Off-the-record" and forget how to say "cock."


John Stumpf Mercifully Puts An End To The Career Of John Stumpf

We're going to miss this adorable sonofabitch.