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Which Is More Time-Consuming: Torturing Banks Or Torturing Law Students?

Dan Tarullo has the answer.
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By Federalreserve (_D4A2897) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

By Federalreserve (_D4A2897) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

For eight long years, he was the proctor you didn’t want to see. For never in the history of the stress tests he helped invent was there are harder grader than Dan Tarullo, who spent an ocean of red ink pointing out banks’ many failures, and then another ocean of their money on capital buffers to fix them. To say that he was reviled on Wall Street would be an understatement unworthy of the times.

Last April, however, he decided he’d had enough terrorizing banks—especially since he’d probably not be allowed to do as much of it anymore—and might resume his previous occupation of terrorizing law students. Both, undoubtedly, are great fun. One, however, leaves time for hobbies.

The Boston native is now back home, teaching law at Harvard University. In an email, Mr. Tarullo wrote he has now made it through the fifth volume of Marcel Proust’s seven-volume “In Search of Lost Time.”

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