Accused Hedge Fund CFO Tackler Files Countersuit Claiming Hedge Fund CFO Embezzlement

The weird thing over Snow Park Capital is taking a fascinating turn.

Remember Jeffrey Pierce? The Snow Park Capital founder and CEO who got sued back in May for metaphorically hitting on his former CFO before literally tackling her? The guy who denied the whole thing and then did what so many guys in his position do these days and dropped some version of "I can prove I'm innocent, more to come!"?


Welp, unlike almost every single one of the guys that have said they could prove they didn't get handsy or "tackle-y" with a co-worker, it now seems that Pierce meant it...and how:

Jeffrey Pierce of Snow Park Capital filed suit Wednesday against his former CFO Kate Merli in Manhattan Supreme Court over the alleged theft.
Merli “charged thousands of dollars of personal expenses on her corporate credit card,” the suit alleges.

And unlike every other #MeToo countersuit we've seen so far, this one gets way better. Pierce's stance seems to best be summed up as "Oh, I tackled you? I don't recall that, but help me out; was it before or after you did dumb embezzling on me?"

Some of those charges including $170 at Drybar and $172 for SoulCycle sessions, a source familiar with the case told The Post.
She also wrote $15,000 in company checks to herself for bogus expenses, Pierce says in the counter-suit.
Pierce further alleges that on Dec. 21, 2017, Merli knew she was being scrutinized for potential embezzlement and so snuck into the fund’s Madison Avenue offices, according to the suit.

Yowza, that's a lot of stuff. But then again, anyone can just throw accusations around. But in cases like this, you need a lot of proof...

The building’s surveillance cameras caught her coming in at 11:46 p.m. and leaving eight minutes later with “what appears … to be Snow Park’s checkbook.” She snuck back in at 6:28 a.m. before any of her colleagues arrived at the office to “delete critical company files and misappropriate Snow Park’s trade secrets and confidential information,” the suit says.
She never returned to work.

So, that's not great.

We were pretty bemused by the original accusations in this whole thing, but we gotta say that this would be a worthy challenger. It can never just be both, can it?

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