Anthony Scaramucci Suing Hedge Fund For Ripping Him Off While He Wasn't Paying Attention

Nice try, you Jamooks, but The Mooch is back and he's vaguely aware of where SkyBridge is invested.

Remember when our pal The Mooch took that super-extended sabbatical from running his fund-of-funds Skybridge Capital in order to spend months waiting for a White House gig that lasted almost 11 days? And remember Premium Point Investments, the small fund that a few weeks ago got charged with mismarking securities for more than two years?


Well, funny story...

SkyBridge Capital II LLC said on Monday it was suing Premium Point Investments LP, claiming it lost nearly $80 million because the investment service inflated the value of its hedge fund assets.
SkyBridge, a hedge fund investment firm founded by U.S. President Donald Trump's former aide Anthony Scaramucci, claims that Premium Point overstated its hedge funds’ valuations by $200 million using false broker quotes that artificially inflated the prices of bonds.

So it looks these bozos over at Premium Point thought it was a good idea to inflate returns on The Mooch while he wasn't looking. They really thought that while he was focused on MAGAing his fucking ass off over there, they would pull the wool over his eyes and then leave him with ugatz? Like The Mooch wasn't gonna notice that you ripped him off? This is The Mooch we're talkin' 'bout, not some Vinny Boombatz who didn't go to Harvard.

We've all learned a lesson here; Never try to scam an absentee fund-of-funds manager with great hair and a bizarre fascination with the Holocaust, because if he starts paying attention, you might end up getting served a civil suit months after your criminal indictment is in all the papers.

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