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Are All Billionaires Like This?

More vague promises!

He's at it again.

Are we surprised? Probably not.

Should we be surprised? Definitely not.

Since Tesla's all-time high that came on June 18th, the share price has steadily declined. This isn't anything unusual given that we have no idea when there's going to be a new tariff, investment restrictions, or whatever fuel our administration decides to add to the dumpster fire we like to call U.S. trade policy.

So naturally, with share prices down, Musk's Pavlovian response kicked in, and he tweeted

And then this shortly after

Humor me Elon. Is this to draw our attention away from the changes you're making to your business model in a last ditch effort meet Model 3 production deadlines, or is this just some good old fashioned price manipulation because you recently bought a ton of shares right before Tesla hit its all-time high?

Regardless, Elon has figured out that his fans love incredibly vague statements, and drool over any product Musk talks about producing. It's almost like a blackout drunk at a Waffle House. Whatever you put on their plate, they'll eat up, ignoring the methed-out cook that made the food.

Well, at least we're gonna figure out if those short positions explode like the Challenger or lift off like a SpaceX rocket.

The anticipation is killing me.

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