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Blind Item: Which Credit Suisse MD Is Giving Us Our First Inappropriate Intern Touching Scandal Of The Summer?

Thad is very upset by this, you guys.
Photo: Getty Images.

Photo: Getty Images.

A tipster inside Credit Suisse's NYC office reached out to let us know of a little summer scandal brewing over at Madison Square East.

According to our source, an MD of the M&A persuasion apparently let himself get carried away on the summer vibes and let himself get sadly gross and cliche with his interns. Our anonymous Credit Suisser is reputed to have "Got stoned at a company sponsored summer outing, and then proceeded to head back to office after said outing only to start harassing summer interns - allegedly gave an summer associate an extremely uncomfortable massage in full view of all the other interns and then lock another intern in an office and other interns ended up calling security for rescue."

Wow. That's all so dumb! And nobody tell Thad about the locking up part. We're saving that surprise for 4th of July weekend.

But the behavior is not really what grabbed our eye when we read this tip. What we found way more interesting and worthy of a blind item is that this MD has apparently gotten away with it, even in the Summer of #MeToo.

Per our tipster, "Group is now telling interns to hush or face repercussions if it leaks...They are going to let him off with a HR lecture."

So, if you're a Credit Suisse summer intern or staffer and would like to discuss this further [we have a second independent source telling us that this a live rumor inside 11 Madison Ave.], please get active in the comments or via and let us know more about this first dumb intern scandal of the summer.

We have to go soothe Thad, he takes these stories rather hard.


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