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Call The Close: "How Crazy Is He?" Edition

Predict the carnage and regain control.

"Wheel of Fortune", Pete Navarro, yield curve, suicide
Foreign debts, trade disputes, Mnooks, Red Hena
Hypodermics gettin shorted, China's got us by the balls
"I really don't care , do u?", We can't take it anymore!


Call the close, you assholes.

You know the the rules. This is last minute but all bids must be in by 3:45 EST.

Prize TBD.


GrossInHell (1)

Call The Close: Bond Bloodbath Edition

Don't look at the yield curve, just CtC and let's get F#CKED UP!!!

(marolse3 via eBay.)

Call The Close: Dow 19,999.63 Edition

If the Dow hitting 20,000 is fundamentally arbitrary and meaningless then so is human existence.

(marolse3 via eBay.)

UPDATE: Call The Close: Nice Round Number Edition


Call the Close. . . Bull Market Edition

Since we did two of these when the markets were in a tailspin last week, we though it only fair to ask you to guess the close when all early indications point to a big triple digit gain. We’ll see if those fat fingers and high-frequency trading systems have the same impact on the way up. Dow futures were up as much as 400 early this morning. . .we’ll give a shout out to the winner at the end of the day. Ready, Go!