Call The Close: "How Crazy Is He?" Edition

Predict the carnage and regain control.
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"Wheel of Fortune", Pete Navarro, yield curve, suicide
Foreign debts, trade disputes, Mnooks, Red Hena
Hypodermics gettin shorted, China's got us by the balls
"I really don't care , do u?", We can't take it anymore!


Call the close, you assholes.

You know the the rules. This is last minute but all bids must be in by 3:45 EST.

Prize TBD.


Call the Close. . . Bull Market Edition

Since we did two of these when the markets were in a tailspin last week, we though it only fair to ask you to guess the close when all early indications point to a big triple digit gain. We’ll see if those fat fingers and high-frequency trading systems have the same impact on the way up. Dow futures were up as much as 400 early this morning. . .we’ll give a shout out to the winner at the end of the day. Ready, Go!