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Famed Bad Breakup Artist Bill Gross Is [Allegedly] Painting His Disgusting Masterpiece

The Gross divorce turned literally gross [we hate ourselves for this.]

If we know anything about dethroned bond king Bill Gross it's that he loves deeply and can go a bit mad when love affairs end.


So we were not unconcerned when news broke that Bill's three decades of marriage to ex-wife/muse Sue Gross had drawn to a close. And our nerves were not calmed when we heard things had turned nasty. Then we went into a bit of a panic when we heard that Sue had turned into a world-class art thief and forger just to seemingly fuck with Bill's head.

But despite our deep knowledge of Bill Gross' psyche, we find ourselves actually stunned by what is being alleged regarding how bad things got during Bill's divorce proceedings. From The Blast:

The ex-wife of major hedge fund manager Bill Gross was just granted a restraining order against the billionaire after she claims he spent a ton of money to put her under “non-stop monitoring” and left grotesque items, like a dead fish, in the air vent of her home.
Gross filed an emergency request for protection after she claims her ex-husband sent guards to put her and her family under constant surveillance for nearly a year. Sue Gross calls the ordeal “an unmitigated nightmare.”

Yeah, weird and sad. But also somehow just the tip of the iceberg...

In the documents, Sue Gross described Bill as a “cruel, vengeful and vindictive man with practically limitless financial resources.”
The Grosses recently ended a particularly nasty divorce, parts of which were detailed in her recent request for protection. According to the docs, Sue needed the court’s assistance to remove Bill from their Laguna Beach mansion, which she claims he left in disgusting conditions.
According to Sue, the home was in “utter chaos” with foul smells seemingly stemming from “empty spray bottles of ‘puke’ smell, and ‘fart’ smell in the garbage.”

What the actual fuck, Bill? If true, this is...[groans] gross!

She also claims there were foul items left in the home like “balls of human hair in the drawers” as well as “dead fish and dirt stuffed into the air vents.”

Quite frankly, this is all just too sad and human for the likes of dealbreakerdotcom. We prefer to traffic more in the purer strains of billionaire schadenfreude. Whatever the hell is happening here sounds like a theatrical awful end to a 31-year marriage.

We don't really know what to add to this other than "Yes, Mo El-Erian, this does explain that strangely awful smell in your office a few years back."

Ex-Wife of Bill Gross Gets Restraining Order Against Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager [The Blast]


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