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Guggenheim CEO Not Enjoying The Dodgers’ First Pennant In 30 Years

Nor any longer the company of his global head of internal distribution/house guest.
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April was not a good month for Mark Walter. His Los Angeles Dodgers, which came oh so close to giving him his first World Series title in November, sputtered out of the gate with a record even worse than that of their hated rivals in San Francisco. (Things have not gotten much better since.) The SEC’s probe into Guggenheim Partners’ relationship with Bob Diamond grew into a look at Walter’s home-buying practices, including an $85 million pad in Malibu he personally co-owns and a house in Pacific Palisades that his lady friend—who is not his special lady, according to Guggenheim—has been living in. And to top it all off, said lady friend, on-leave Guggenheim global head of internal distribution Alexandra Court, has left to do her own thing.

Ms. Court, who went on sabbatical in June 2017, departed in April, according to her LinkedIn profile…. Ms. Court’s personal website said she is “now focused on her own entrepreneurial and social impact interests, as well as advising businesses on growth strategies and implementation plans….”

She also had a personal relationship with Guggenheim Chief Executive Mark Walter, according to people familiar with the matter. Guggenheim’s board reviewed the relationship and took no action, these people said.

“If there were a relationship, the prospect of a nonbusiness relationship would have been fully and promptly disclosed to the appropriate parties at Guggenheim in accordance with established processes and procedures, which then would have been fully implemented, to avoid improper influence or favor,” a Guggenheim spokesman said last year.

Guggenheim Executive Departs Firm After Extended Leave [WSJ]
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