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Idiot Biglaw Law Clerk Tries To Pick A Fight Over The Finer Points Of Contract Law Governing A Used West Elm Dresser

Law clerk tries to get cute with I-Banking associate, plays himself.



Trump Pivots Hard On Labor Pick, Replaces Puzder With Law School Dean

A pick that seems freakishly sensible at first blush.


AT&T Is Truly Sorry That It Paid A Genuine Idiot To Influence The Trump Administration On The Time Warner Deal

We are so sorry that we paid this intellectual cripple to get us HBO before "Game of Thrones" ends.

(Getty Images)

Google Is Going To War With The U.S. Government Over A Measly $1.2 Million Contract

Search giant allegedly having trouble finding some routine internal documents.


Steve Mnuchin: Bad Liar Or Dangerous Idiot?

Even we can't believe how bad he is at this.


As Some Idiot Predicted Months Ago, Blue Apron Is Officially A Penny Stock

If even we could see this coming, how was it allowed to happen?

Chase Picked A Hell of A Day To Quit Sniffing Glue

Whatever, it's not like anyone tries to move money on the first of the month or anything.